Cashels Slasher

The Cashels 6ft Slasher has been developed to cater for the cutting of grassland, built with rugged and rough terrain in mind, especially where heavy undergrowth and rushes are an issue. The slasher consists of a heavy duty one-piece deck constructed from 4mm sheet steel. The deck is reinforced at key stress points for increased strength. Robust adjustable side skids are fabricated from 4mm steel, complete with 10mm runners for added durability. A Comer manufactured gearbox is mounted on a central base plate running the full width of the unit. The gearbox is directly driven from the tractor, eliminating belt slippages and delivering a more consistent output. The Slasher also features ah heavy duty rotor assembly with shear-bolt protection against rotor impact. The 6ft Slasher is delivered with the A-Frame centrally mounted as standard. Provision is made to offset the A-Frame if required.


 Cashels Slasher PDF