Sculling Gates


Cashels Crush Front Gates come in three designs. All gates are hot-dip galvanised as standard.

Cashels Standard Sculling GateThe Cashels Standard Sculling Gate is available as a left hand or right hand unit – please specify on ordering.  A right hand gate means that from the cow’s position, the crush rails are on the right hand side.  The gate can be firmly secured in place by cementing to a supporting wall opposite the crush rails.

Cashels Semi-Automatic Sculling GateThe Cashels Semi Automatic Sculling Gate has a moveable handle so that it can be operated from the left or right hand side.  When the gate is opened it will automatically close, ready for the next animal. One side of the gate is adjustable for various sizes of cattle.  Designed to be compatible with the Standard Crush, Gate Type Crush or Mobile Crush.

Cashels Fully-Automatic Sculling GateThe Cashels Fully Automatic Sculling Gate is designed to be compatible with the Standard Crush, Gate Type Crush or Mobile Crush.  It has two additional features over and above those offered on the Semi Automatic gate:

  1. It has a greater opening width before engagement to minimise cases of the animal refusing to enter
  2. When the animal is driven forward the gate closes on the neck.  When opened to release, the gate automatically moves into the fully open position, ready to receive the next animal


Cashels Sculling Gate PDF.