Power Skip


Cashels Forklift Power Skip

The Cashels Forklift Power Skip is a unique design which gives full tip and crowd to the bucket.  It is ideal to increase the versatility of the forklift in loading meal, grain, sand or gravel.

It has been developed to work as a measuring device for its load.  It is available with either a 0.5m³, 0.75m³ or 1m³ bucket.  The load is measured when the bucket is fully crowded and the load is level with the top of the sides.

The hydraulic action requires supply from a third service on the forklift.

Cashels Forklift Power Skip


  • Robust construction
  • Universal fitting to all forklifts and simple method of attachment
  • Comes with quick coupling hydraulic connections – flat faced type
  • All pivot wear points are bushed and greased for long life
  • Safety pin to secure the unit to the fork
  • Reinforcement and wear strips at all the critical points
  • Bucket has a smooth floor and sides – no protrusions inwards which could retain part of the load
  • Paint finish – full gloss enamel over rust inhibiting primer


Cashels Forklift Power Skip PDF.