Mobile Cattle Crush

The Cashels Mobile Cattle Crush provides you with a highly mobile and useful alternative to a fixed crush. The mobile crush is transportable as one unit on the 3-point linkage of a tractor. Assembled, it provides a crush run of 20′, holding up to four animals.

Cashels Mobile Cattle Crush

  • Anti-slip chequer plate floor with grip rails in the front unit
  • Robust construction throughout
  • Removable brackets on the front unit for carrying extensions
  • Can be fitted with more extensions. Simple assembly operation can be easily carried out by the driver
  • Full featured front unit which can be used without the extensions
  • Hot-dip galvanised for maximum corrosion resistance and long-life durability
  • Picture opposite shows the unit with a Semi-Automatic Sculling Gate attached


Cashels Mobile Cattle Crush PDF.