“Ducks Foot” Bale Handler | Collect, Cradle, Transport & Tip 




The Cashels Ducks Foot Bale Handler is suitable for transporting both round and square bales of straw, haylage and silage. The Ducks Foot Bale Handler was originally designed by Cashels over 25 years ago for handling round, wrapped silage bales. This time-proven design concept with its uniquely shaped, galvanised ‘Ducks Foot’ paddles, which rotate on CAT 2 stone fork tines, can handle sagged or misshapen silage bales without causing damage to the bale film.
The Ducks Foot concept also allows the user to stand round bales on their end at the storage area. This is achieved by simply dropping the bale handler to the ground, driving forward approximately ¾ of the bale length and then raising the lift arms. As the lift arms are raised, the paddles rotate and the bale will stand on its end without any damage to the bale film.