Double Bale Grab | Safe, Efficient Handling & Stacking




The Hydraulic Double Bale Grab from Cashels has been developed to increase the efficiency of handling and transporting wrapped round silage bales which have been tipped on their end from the wrapper.

This robust unit can move large volumes of wrapped bales when mounted on the front or rear three point linkage of larger horsepower tractors, the Double Bale Grab can also be outfitted for use on large horsepower tractor loaders and farm loaders for handling, transporting and loading round bales of silage, straw and haylage. The unique shape of the frame and paddle combination ensures that the integrity of the bale is not compromised.

  • Unique curved design to maintain bale integrity while also providing maximum strength and durability to the unit.
  • Slimline, robust paddles manufactured from high grade tube.
  • Heavy duty hydraulic cylinders fitted with check valves.