Crush Runs

Cashels offer a complete range of parts to build various types of fixed Crush runs.  Two basic forms are possible with optional designs of front gates.  Both can be built to cater for different location situations, i.e. left or right handed.

Cashels Standard Crush Run

The Standard 20’ Crush consists of an end gate, endpost, centre post, 3no. crush rails and a front gate of any of the types shown opposite.

  • All parts are hot-dip galvanised for maximum corrosion resistance and long life durability
  • Posts can be left or right handed
  • Three options of front gate are possible (see previous page for details)
  • Heavy duty specification of all parts for maximum robustness
  • The end gate can be hinged on the left or right hand side

Cashels Gate Type Crush Run

The Gate Type Crush is shown above and is available with different front gates (see previous page).  Features as above but also include:

  • The side of the crush is formed by easily removable gates every 6’6”.  This is of great advantage if an animal goes down in the crush as they can easily be released
  • The 6’6” side gates can be opened from either side by simply removing the coupling rods


Cashels Crush Run PDF.