Posted on March 16th, 2020 by Cashels

Linkage Options | For Custom Capability

Cashels offer a full range of linkage options to suit all tractor loader and industrial loader models. Also offered are universal linkage brackets to allow the user’s 3-point linkage bale handlers to be adapted for use on tractor/industrial loaders.

4-Wheel Fusion Chassis

Posted on May 19th, 2016 by Cashels

4-Wheel Chassis (McHale Fusion 2&3) | Reduce Ground Pressure During Baling



The Cashels 4-Wheel Chassis is designed to be retrofit to the McHale Fusion Baler/Wrapper unit. The design is compatible with both the Fusion 2 and the newer Fusion 3 models. The main feature of the chassis is that it reduces the overall ground pressure by 40%+ when operating in wet conditions. On softer ground, the chassis also increases stability while minimising ground damage.
The two centre wheels have 20mm ground clearance when the Fusion is travelling on road and when operating in normal ground conditions. The centre wheels only engage with the ground to preform their design function of reducing the ground pressure of the Fusion in wet, soft ground conditions.

Chassis fabricated from fine grain steel throughout
8-stud outer braked stub axles (FAD)
6-stud inner unbraked stub axles (FAD)
High quality paint finish to match Fusion
Stacking brackets for transport & shipping
Centre wheels: TIANLI Flotation Radial 500/50R17