4-Wheel Fusion Chassis

Posted on May 19th, 2016 by Cashels

4-Wheel Chassis
(To suit McHale Fusion 2 & 3)
The Cashels 4-Wheel Chassis is designed to be retrofit to the McHale Fusion Baler/Wrapper unit. The design is compatible with both the Fusion 2 and the newer Fusion 3 models. The main feature of the chassis is that it reduces the overall ground pressure by 40%+ when operating in wet conditions. On softer ground, the chassis also increases stability while minimising ground damage.

The two centre wheels have 20mm ground clearance when the Fusion is travelling on road and when operating in normal ground conditions. The centre wheels only engage with the ground to preform their design function of reducing the ground pressure of the Fusion in wet, soft ground conditions.


Chassis fabricated from fine grain steel throughout
8-stud outer braked stub axles (FAD)
6-stud inner unbraked stub axles (FAD)
High quality paint finish to match Fusion
Stacking brackets for transport & shipping
Centre wheels: TIANLI Flotation Radial 500/50R17



Posted on September 23rd, 2013 by Cashels

High Security Lock-Ups

Cashels manufacture a range of very high security steel lockups.  They are ideal for use in storage of construction equipment; from small tools to generators, Cashels High Security Lockups will securely hold them all.
Sizes range from 6’x4′ to 12’x6′ with double or single doors – see the full spec sheet for the complete range.

Forklift Power Skip

Posted on September 23rd, 2013 by Cashels

Power Skip

The Cashels Forklift Power Skip is a unique design which gives full tip and crowd to the bucket.  It is ideal to increase the versatility of the forklift in loading meal, grain, sand or gravel.
It has been developed to work as a measuring device for its load.  It is available with either a 0.5m³, 0.75m³ or 1m³ bucket.  The load is measured when the bucket is fully crowded and the load is level with the top of the sides.
The hydraulic action requires supply from a third service on the forklift.


Robust construction
Universal fitting to all forklifts and simple method of attachment
Comes with quick coupling hydraulic connections – flat faced type
All pivot wear points are bushed and greased for long life
Safety pin to secure the unit to the fork
Reinforcement and wear strips at all the critical points
Bucket has a smooth floor and sides – no protrusions inwards which could retain part of the load
Paint finish – full gloss enamel over rust inhibiting primer


Forklift Tipping Skip

Posted on September 23rd, 2013 by Cashels

Tipping Skips

Cashels Tipping Skips are ideal for handling waste and bulk loads of anything from liquid to paper.  Suitable for use in the woodworking, steel fabrication, construction, waste management and  environmental sectors.

Main body constructed from 3mm mild steel
Reinforced body rim for maximum rigidity and resistance to distortion
Robust tipping frame with definite tip locking device
Generous tip out angle to discharge the most stubborn of loads
Simple tipping activation
High quality paint finish – anti-corrosive paint covered with two coats of gloss enamel

Options available:

Wheel assemblies for easy movement in confined spaces
Skids to allow use by pedestrian pallet trucks
Skids to allow side tipping of skip
Side extensions to increase skip capacity


Merchandising Stands

Posted on September 23rd, 2013 by Cashels

Merchandising Stands
Cashels manufacture a range of Merchandising Stands specifically designed for the stacking and display of Cashels products. See the attached PDF for more information.