Forklift Tipping Skip

Posted on March 13th, 2020 by Cashels

Forklift Tipping Skip | Robust & Efficient Waste Management

The Cashels Forklift Tipping Skip is ideal for handling waste and bulk loads of anything from liquid to paper. Suitable for use in the woodworking, steel fabrication, construction, waste management and environmental sectors.

Forklift Power Skip

Posted on March 13th, 2020 by Cashels

Forklift Power Skip | Robust & Efficient Waste Management

The Cashels Forklift Power Skip is a uniquely designed product which gives full tip and crowd to the bucket. It is used to increase the versatility of the forklift/teleporter in loading meal, grain, vegetables, sand, gravel etc.
This product has been developed to work as a measuring device for its load. It is available with either a 0.5m³, 0.75m³ or 1.0m³ bucket. The load is measured when the bucket is filled and is level with the top of the sides. The hydraulic action requires supply from a third service on forklifts (i.e. side-shift).

Mobile Power Washers

Posted on March 13th, 2020 by Cashels

Mobile Power Washers | Efficient, High Power Cleaning 


The Cashels Mobile Power Washer is the ideal product for the industrial contractor or plant hire industry. Designed primarily for high water-pressure applications such as street or signage cleaning, the unit can be adapted for low-pressure applications such as watering flower beds or hanging baskets etc.
The Mobile Power Washer range features an elevated non-slip platform with a collapsible cage, allowing the user to reach the most inaccessible places safely (Applicable for twin axle models). All tanks are Hot-Dip galvanised, fully baffled & pressure tested for durability and reliability. All products are fitted with independent suspension axles for smooth towing, loaded or unloaded. Braked hubs are fitted all round with a 50mm lockable hitch coupling as standard.

Lube Skids & Trailers

Posted on March 13th, 2020 by Cashels

Bunded Lube Skids & Trailers | Clean & Efficient Oil Management


The Cashels range of Bunded Lube Skids & Trailers has been developed for servicing mobile equipment in the construction, mining and various other on-site environments. They are also used by companies who service large installations of compressors and standby generators in data centres, treatment plants, communication towers and generator stations etc.
Bunded Lube Trailers are offered in numerous configurations to suit customer requirements. Typical configurations are 2-4 internal lube tanks, complete with 12/24v lube pumps and self retracting hose reels. Cashels unique modular design incorporates a separate outer tank with a removable roof to allow access to the internal lube tanks and equipment. The separate outer tank also acts as the bund tank and has 110% capacity of the internal lube tanks.

High Security Lock-Ups

Posted on March 13th, 2020 by Cashels

High Security Lock-Ups | Safe & Secure Storage

The Cashels High-Security Lock-Ups are designed for the secure storage of high value goods and equipment. They may be used in the storage areas of retail units for secure storage of alcohol, tobacco and high value equipment.
They are most suitable for on-site storage of high value tools and equipment used on construction sites, local authority compounds, treatment plants, airports etc. Designed for ease of handling by forklift or crane and can be securely fixed to a concrete base if required.

Bunded Lock-Ups

Posted on March 13th, 2020 by Cashels

Bunded Lock-Ups | Safe & Secure Storage

The Cashels range of Bunded Lock-Ups are designed and manufactured to help the customer to comply with Environmental Protection Agency regulations regarding the safe and secure storage of dangerous goods (ISO 14001, REACH Directive, etc.).
Cashels Bunded Lock-Ups are primarily designed for the safe and legal storage of insecticides, pesticides, diesel fuel, petroleum product and cleaning agents. they are used mainly by local authorities, golf clubs, wholesale nurseries, agricultural co-ops and farms. The floor of the Bunded Lock-Up is a Hot-Dip galvanised removable steel grid, allowing any waste to flow into the 110% reservoir and be removed with ease. The grid also acts as the bottom shelf tray.

Bunded Shelving Units

Posted on March 13th, 2020 by Cashels

Bunded Shelving Units | Safe & Efficient Storage

The patented Bunded Shelving Units from Cashels are designed to help companies comply with EU regulations by containing accidental spillages of dangerous goods (ISO 14001, REACH Directive, etc.) at the point of storage/display.
Each Bunded Shelving Unit is made up of a bunded reservoir, four individual vented shelf trays and supporting frame which also direct any accidental spillage from the shelves down into the bund resevoir. Any spillage that may occur on the shelf trays is extracted through vent holes in the shelves and flows down through the support frame, directly into the reservoir.

Hydraulic Bucket Grab

Posted on March 5th, 2020 by Cashels

Hydraulic Bucket Grab | Robust & Efficient Handling

The Cashels Bucket Grabs are designed for use on tractor loaders. Bucket Grabs have become the most popular tool fitted to tractor loaders because of their versatility in handling all types of material across a broad range of sectors.
Cashels Bucket Grabs have been designed for use in the agricultural, amenity, construction and recycling sectors. The bucket section is uniquely designed for optimum strength and durability with removable sides for increased versatility when required. The fork grab section is also uniquely constructed and is fitted with curved stone fork tines.

Hydraulic Fork Grab

Posted on February 21st, 2020 by Cashels

Hydraulic Fork Grab | Robust & Efficient Handling

The Cashels Hydraulic Fork Grabs are designed for use on tractor loaders. Cashels Fork Grabs are extremely versatile tools and have many uses in the agricultural, amenity and recycling sectors. They are ideally suited for handling bedding material and manure from barns and stables, rehandling of hay, straw and silage during the feeding season.
Cashels Fork Grabs are also suitable for handling brush, hedging and forestry thinnings. They are also widely used in the recycling sector for handling all types of waste material.

Multi-Purpose Trailers

Posted on February 21st, 2020 by Cashels

Multi-Purpose Trailers | Robust & Efficient Transportation

Our Multi-Purpose Trailers have been developed to cater for general, everyday haulage work. Built with quality and strength in mind, these trailers are designed for the transportation of sand, gravel, topsoil, fertiliser and grain etc.  All trailers are fitted with road legal lights inside the rear bumpers, protecting them from harsh working conditions. This attention to detail, combined with a superior build quality, emphasises the quality and strength of this product.