Bale Spike

Posted on March 13th, 2020 by Cashels

Bale Spike | Simple & Effective Handling


The Bale Spike from Cashels is a very affordable option for transporting unwrapped bales from the field to the wrapping area. The Bale Spike is also used for handling/transporting round and square bales of hay and straw from the field during feeding season. Suitable for use on 3-point linkage systems and tractor front loaders.

Universal Bale Clamp

Posted on February 21st, 2020 by Cashels

Universal Bale Clamp | Efficient Handling & Transport

The Cashels Universal Bale Clamp has been developed mainly for handling wrapped, rectangular and round bales of silage.
With a clamping range from 750mm (30”) to 2050mm (81”), the Bale Clamp can handle various bale types and sizes without causing damage to the bale film. It is also suitable for handling unwrapped bales of straw, haylage, hay and waste materials.


Hydraulic Bale Handler

Posted on February 21st, 2020 by Cashels

Hydraulic Bale Handler | Efficient Handling & Transport


The Hydraulic Bale Handler has been designed to handle, transport and stack wrapped round bales. Designed for use on tractor loaders and front/rear 3-point linkage of tractors (not suitable for use on farm/industrial loaders).

Pick & Stack

Posted on December 7th, 2018 by Cashels

Pick & Stack Bale Handler | Collect, Transport & Stack

The Pick & Stack Bale Handler contains a telescopic mast in conjunction with a Ducks Foot Bale Handler. The unique design allows the unit to be used for stacking wrapped bales two-high at the storage area, for loading and unloading wrapped bales to and from a bale trailer. During the winter period the unit can be used for handling/loading mature round bales into feed trailers and stock feeders.

Bale Safe

Posted on December 7th, 2018 by Cashels

Bale-Safe Transporter | Safe, Secure Handling & Transport


The Cashels Bale-Safe introduces a new concept to the market for handling and transporting round bales of silage, straw and haylage safely and securely on the farm and on public roadways.
The Bale-Safe is mainly designed for use on the rear and front three point linkages of larger horsepower tractors. The unit can also be adapted for use on farm and industrial loaders.
With a focus on safety and ease of use, the Cashels Bale-Safe Transporter combines innovative form and flawless function.


Ducks Foot

Posted on December 7th, 2018 by Cashels

“Ducks Foot” Bale Handler | Collect, Cradle, Transport & Tip 


The Cashels Ducks Foot Bale Handler is suitable for transporting both round and square bales of straw, haylage and silage. The Ducks Foot Bale Handler was originally designed by Cashels over 25 years ago for handling round, wrapped silage bales. This time-proven design concept with its uniquely shaped, galvanised ‘Ducks Foot’ paddles, which rotate on CAT 2 stone fork tines, can handle sagged or misshapen silage bales without causing damage to the bale film.
The Ducks Foot concept also allows the user to stand round bales on their end at the storage area. This is achieved by simply dropping the bale handler to the ground, driving forward approximately ¾ of the bale length and then raising the lift arms. As the lift arms are raised, the paddles rotate and the bale will stand on its end without any damage to the bale film.



Bale Grab

Posted on December 6th, 2018 by Cashels

Bale Grab | Safe, Efficient Handling & Stacking


The Hydraulic Bale Grab from Cashels has been developed for the stacking, handling and transport of round bales of silage, straw and haylage. The unique curved design of the Cashels Bale Grab guarantees that the bale is cradled towards the main frame and held securely by the two paddles. This ensures that both weight and pressure are evenly distributed across the unit while in use.





Tipping Bale Handler

Posted on December 5th, 2018 by Cashels

Tipping Bale Handler | Simple & Effective Handling


The Tipping Bale Handler is a time proven concept which was developed by Cashels over 35 years ago to assist local farmers who required a solution for transporting wrapped bales of silage. The design also incorporates a trip latch allowing the operator to tip wrapped bales of silage on their ends without causing damage to the bale film. Developed for use on the three point linkage of tractors.



Posted on May 19th, 2016 by Cashels

Hydraulic Vari-Width Bale Handler | Efficient Handling & Transport


The Cashels Vari-Width Bale Handler has been designed to handle, transport and stack both 4’ (1220mm) and 5’ (1525mm) wrapped round bales. The heavy-duty, robust construction is designed with the contractor and users of farm/industrial loaders in mind. Designed to be used on either the front or rear 3-Point Linkage of tractors as well as on front loaders – from skid steer to tractor to telehandlers. With this in mind, the unit comes fitted with a combination 3-Point Linkage/Euro linkage as standard to cater for the majority of users. Other linkage options are available on request.

Heavy duty construction throughout with high quality paint finish
43” (1100mm) CAT 2 stone fork tines with rotating tubes to ensure no film damage when handling bales
Hydraulic hoses/fittings supplied as standard to suit customer requirements
Rotating tubes can be easily removed allowing the unit to be used for spiking bales during the feeding season