Double Pick & Stack

Posted on December 7th, 2018 by Cashels

Double Pick & Stack Bale Handler | Collect, Transport & Stack

Double Vari-Width

Posted on December 7th, 2018 by Cashels

Double Vari-Width Bale Handler | Efficient Handling & Transport

Double Ducks Foot

Posted on December 7th, 2018 by Cashels

Double “Ducks Foot” Bale Handler | Collect, Cradle, Transport & Tip


The Cashels Ducks Foot Double Bale Handler has been developed to cater for the transport of two 4 foot (1200mm) wrapped bales without damage to film. The rugged design is based on Cashels’ time-proven Ducks Foot bale handling concept and can be used on the front or rear 3-pt linkage of tractors.





Double Bale Grab

Posted on December 3rd, 2018 by Cashels

Double Bale Grab | Safe, Efficient Handling & Stacking

The Hydraulic Double Bale Grab from Cashels has been developed to increase the efficiency of handling and transporting wrapped round silage bales which have been tipped on their end from the wrapper.

This robust unit can move large volumes of wrapped bales when mounted on the front or rear three point linkage of larger horsepower tractors, the Double Bale Grab can also be outfitted for use on large horsepower tractor loaders and farm loaders for handling, transporting and loading round bales of silage, straw and haylage. The unique shape of the frame and paddle combination ensures that the integrity of the bale is not compromised.

Unique curved design to maintain bale integrity while also providing maximum strength and durability to the unit.
Slimline, robust paddles manufactured from high grade tube.
Heavy duty hydraulic cylinders fitted with check valves.








Double Bale Safe

Posted on December 3rd, 2018 by Cashels

Double Bale-Safe Transporter | Safe, Secure Handling & Transport


The Cashels Bale-Safe introduces a new concept to the market for handling and transporting round bales of silage, straw and haylage safely and securely on the farm and on public roadways.
With a distinctive tubular structure that mirrors the shape of the round bale, the Bale-Safe has a number of features which focus on two key areas: safety and ease of use. The Bale-Safe offers several distinct advantages over existing bale handlers currently available:

Bales are firmly secured within the structure without compromising the bale integrity during handling and transportation.
The innovative curved frame is designed to handle various bale sizes from 1200mm (4ft) to 1500mm (5ft).
The operator’s job is made easier by simply driving/reversing up to the bale, allowing the curved back of the Bale-Safe to nestle against the curve of the bale, then closing the arms to hold it securely.
The tubular structure allows greater visibility for the operator, whether using on the front or rear of the tractor.
The Bale-Safe is designed to ensure that the weight of the bale/bales is transferred to the linkage of the tractor when being transported.
The paddles are designed to hold the load securely during transport, while also accommodating the road-legal light cluster, giving clear visibility to any following traffic.

With a focus on safety and ease of use, the Cashels Bale-Safe transporter combines innovative form and flawless function.