Double Bale-Safe Transporter | Safe, Secure Handling & Transport






The Cashels Bale-Safe introduces a new concept to the market for handling and transporting round bales of silage, straw and haylage safely and securely on the farm and on public roadways.

With a distinctive tubular structure that mirrors the shape of the round bale, the Bale-Safe has a number of features which focus on two key areas: safety and ease of use. The Bale-Safe offers several distinct advantages over existing bale handlers currently available:

  • Bales are firmly secured within the structure without compromising the bale integrity during handling and transportation.
  • The innovative curved frame is designed to handle various bale sizes from 1200mm (4ft) to 1500mm (5ft).
  • The operator’s job is made easier by simply driving/reversing up to the bale, allowing the curved back of the Bale-Safe to nestle against the curve of the bale, then closing the arms to hold it securely.
  • The tubular structure allows greater visibility for the operator, whether using on the front or rear of the tractor.
  • The Bale-Safe is designed to ensure that the weight of the bale/bales is transferred to the linkage of the tractor when being transported.
  • The paddles are designed to hold the load securely during transport, while also accommodating the road-legal light cluster, giving clear visibility to any following traffic.

With a focus on safety and ease of use, the Cashels Bale-Safe transporter combines innovative form and flawless function.