About Us

Cashels Engineering

Company History

Cashels Engineering is located on a greenfield-site in Co. Mayo, the west of Ireland. We manufacture a large range of high-quality equipment for the agricultural, construction, environmental, landscaping and garden sectors.

Established as a company in 1985 by Peter Cunnane, Cashels has experienced strong and steady growth ever since. The ever-expanding modern plant reflects Cashels progressive and optimistic philosophy. We have invested in technology at both the design and manufacturing stages and this is evident in products which are easy to use, rugged and which perform their designated tasks flawlessly.

Research & Development is a core element of the company and we have a dedicated department responsible for continuous improvement of existing products and indeed the development of new, innovative product lines to contend with ever-changing markets. In recent years a 3D modeling capability has proved invaluable in shortening the development cycle for new products.

Our production methods utilise the latest sheet-metal and fabrication technology available including flat-bed and tubular laser-cutting; CNC pressbrakes; CNC automated cutting lines; CNC rolling and section-bending as well as robotic welding and design for manufacture (DFM) techniques.

Our staff is made up of highly-trained, highly-skilled individuals whose varying degrees of experience make it a dynamic team capable of adapting to any situation.